How to support your new mum friend.

5 ways you can show your love & support | Including over 60 practical ideas

Let’s be real for a moment. Postpartum can be rough.
Don’t get me wrong, it is such a beautiful and special season – one that I personally look back at fondly.
But all the amazing highs of welcoming a new baby also come with some really hard lows.
Recovering from physical demands of carrying and birthing a baby takes time

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5 phrases to replace “look at the camera and smile”

If there was just one thing I could say to my clients before there photoshoot it would be this: You do not need to spend the whole shoot telling your kids to sit up straight, look at the camera and give me a big smile.To be perfectly honest, if you were looking for a photographer […]

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My favourite photoshoot locations

One of the most time consuming (and fun) parts of being a photographer is location scouting. You may not realise how much goes into curating a collection of local spots to offer clients. First and foremost I have to make sure the locations are available for me to use – and finding a beautiful field […]

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How to take care of your printed photos

I have so many fond memories, both as a child and more recently, of sitting with my family and looking through old photos. Some of the oldest ones were taken on my Pop’s old film cameras more than 50 years ago. Many of those photos are of great grandparents and other family members I never […]

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How to take care of your digital photos

I’m sure at some point in time someone has asked you this question. “If your house was on fire and you could only grab one item to save, what would it be” Ask the question to a room of people and I’m sure there would be at least a few who say they would save […]

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How to prepare for an in-home newborn photoshoot

When it comes to a newborn photoshoot, one of the best locations is your very own home.

You have everything you need at your finger tips without having to pack it all into the nappy bag.

Both you and baby will be more comfortable in your own environment, away from the harsh elements.

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How to prepare for a family photoshoot

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on booking your photoshoot!

Chances are this was a significant financial investment for you, maybe there were obstacles in finding a date that worked for everyone,

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5 excuses to not be in photos with your kids (that are absolute crap)

If you are like me you probably have a phone filled with photos of your kids. The hundreds of photos of their tiny new born feet. The blurry selfies they take when you leave your phone lying around. And of course the perfectly posed Instagram photos that took 100 takes. But how many photos do […]

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