Welcome to your heartfelt photography experience.

Capturing the moments that matter most with photography that feels like home

hey mama

a little about me

Hey, I'm Maddy - the girl behind the camera

I'm all about the real moments, moody vibes and mama magic.

You've probably already figured out that I'm a photographer, but here's some things you may not know about me:

•I'm the biggest goofball (aka I trip over nothing and laugh at my own jokes).
•I'm a huge fan of sitcoms... like all of them.
•I'm super obsessed with the moon and Australian native flowers.
•I love to travel - my favourite destinations (so far) have been NYC and Thailand
•I'm crazy in love with Jesus.
•I describe myself as an indoor cat (even though the outdoors are beautiful, I'm way more comfortable snuggled up on the couch).
•I'm a vegetarian (so if you need some good meat-free recipes - hit me up).
•I spend my spare time op shopping and collecting film cameras.
•And I love nothing more than a good cheese board - Brie cheese and green olives are a must.

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What is motherhood photography?

intimate - Soulful - Emotive

As mums we are often the one behind the camera making sure to capture each milestone, but we forget that when a baby is born, so is a mother.

Our lives are forever changed as something beautiful awakens within us.

Motherhood photography quite simply celebrates your motherhood story - however that may look.
It focusses on connection and emotion rather than Pinterest perfect poses.

Motherhood sessions often require taking a brave step.
Getting in front of the camera might not be in your comfort zone (ah same).
You might be more comfortable hiding your body or letting your kids take the spotlight.

Motherhood sessions are a gift to yourself and a gift to your children.
By embracing yourself as you are, you are setting an example of self love and kindness to your children.
Which I personally think is one of the best lessons you can teach them.

Let's do it!

my approach

I’m here for the real & raw moments

My sessions are relaxed and fun, with a focus on connection.
I believe your photos should be an expression of real life, not a collection of Pinterest perfect, manufactured moments.
I see my role as a documenter, not a director - I will absolutely give you some prompts and suggestions to get the most out of our time (so don't worry if you're not naturally comfortable in front of the camera).
But ultimately I want to capture the authentic, sweeter than honey, in-between moments.
From the tender looks, to the tiny fingers reaching out for your hand.
And the result will be a gallery full of candid, heartfelt images that you will treasure for years to come.