How to prepare for an in-home newborn photoshoot

When it comes to a newborn photoshoot, one of the best locations is your very own home.

You have everything you need at your finger tips without having to pack it all into the nappy bag.

Both you and baby will be more comfortable in your own environment, away from the harsh elements.

Plus, there is something so special about capturing moments in your own home to signify welcoming a new baby into the family.

Buuuut, you’ve just had a baby, you don’t know what day it is, the house is a mess and the idea of inviting someone into your house, with a camera nonetheless, is a bit overwhelming to day the least.

I’m here to reassure you – you’ve got this mama and I promise the reward of having professional photos of those first few days or weeks is so worth it! During the newborn stage your baby will change and grow on a daily basis – make sure you capture the moments that your sleep deprived mum brain will definitely forget.

I’ve put together this guide to help you prepare and make the most of your session.

booking your photoshoot

My biggest piece of advice – book your photoshoot before your baby arrives.

Add it to your list of things to achieve during your pregnancy, just like installing the car seat and packing the hospital bag.

Once baby arrives, you will be tired and busy adjusting to the new normal.

Having your photoshoot pre-booked will help lighten the load and ensure you don’t forget – because before you know it, your tiny baby will be celebrating their first birthday!

As your photographer I will get to know you and what style of photos you are looking for.

We can create a must-have shot list and plan the details like outfits and props.

Then when your shoot day arrives, you can relax and enjoy those baby snuggles.

How do I book a date and time when I don’t know when the baby will be born or what their schedule will be like?

When you book a newborn or fresh 48 session we simply pencil in a date and time that can be adjusted if necessary.

I always leave plenty of time after a newborn shoot, so if either or you need a break, we’ve got plenty of time.

My Earthside package includes a 90 minute shoot so we have plenty of time to work around baby’s needs.

Helping baby prepare

This will depend on what you are hoping to achieve during the session.

If you are wanting to capture a feed it’s best to feed baby a little before the session, but not so much that they fall off to sleep.

However if you like lots of sleepy snuggle shots, it’s best to give baby some play time, followed by a feed right before the session.

You can either dress your baby prior to the session starting or if you’re worried about spills and leaks, wait until I arrive.

Preparing your home

First and foremost – do not stress about mess or feel like you need to apologise at all.

I am a mum, I am completely used to mess. You’ve just had a baby – no one is expecting you to have a perfectly tidy home.

Focus on the space/s you want to use for photos and don’t worry about the rest.

Choose spaces in your home with lots of natural light – usually a bedroom, nursery or lounge room work best.

To help both you and baby relax, there are a few key things you can do:

-Make sure the space is at a comfortably warm temperature. Keeping in mind that we may be doing photos with minimal / no clothing.

-Have some soothing music or a white noise machine on hand.

-Diffuse some baby safe soothing essential oils, like lavender and geranium.

What you will need

If you have any specific items you would like to include in your photos be sure to have them on hand and let me know so I can remind you.

Items like name plaques, keepsake toys and gifts or their baby book can make your photos extra special.

I have a collection of swaddles and items I will bring along as well.

I recommend having multiple outfits picked out for every family member – in case of spews or nappy explosions.

For baby – Simple outfits work best. Consider a plain colour or subtle pattern in neutral or warm tones.

For mama – Think comfy lounge wear, pjs or a robe in similar tones. Don’t feel like you need to dress up at all!

For the rest of the family – Select casual clothing in complimentary colours.

Skin to skin – I will consult with you before your session about how comfortable you are with minimal clothing – But if you are up for it, I love capturing those special skin to skin bonding moments with both mums and dads.

Ready to book?

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