Henry’s birth story

It was a few minutes till midnight when I got the text

“We are heading into the hospital now”

Baby Henry was on his way.

To be invited into someone’s birth space is such a profound honour.

So when my beautiful friend Aimee asked me to be her birth photographer I was over the moon excited.

To be entrusted to document the birth of a baby is unlike any other kind of photography.

It’s raw and emotional and sacred and absolutely one of the most amazing things you can do with your life.

Aimee’s labour was long and intense.

With each relentless contraction; she proved her strength and quiet determination.

Through hours of pain, with her body growing weary, she fought with everything she had to birth her sweet baby boy.

At 6:20am Henry Charles Murphy entered the world.

Jason cried, Aimee cried, I cried and we all held our breath to hear that first cry.

The following are some of my favourite shots from Henry’s birth.

If you would like to find out more about birth photography you can read through my FAQ’s, pricing and enquire HERE

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