Child led photoshoots


I offer get parent’s apologising for their kids at a photoshoot.

“I’m so sorry, they haven’t slept today”

“It must be a full moon”

“They definitely get that from their dad..”

I get it – trust me! At our recent family photos my son fell asleep 5 minutes from the location and was not impressed by having to wake up.

Then there was a tantrum over the clothes I had chosen and we ended up getting half the shots with him wearing bright red Pj shorts – not quite the vibe I was going for.

But kids are wild and untameable – It’s all part of their charm (even if it’s not always so charming at bedtime).

During a photoshoot with me, kids get to be themselves.

You’ll never hear me asking them to sit up straight and smile for the camera… boooring!

Instead, we dance and sing (usually baby shark), run and jump, blow bubbles, climb and be silly.

Their carefree spirit makes for the best photos!

I am totally ok with the kids leading the session, if they want to explore or go for a wander – I’m in.

One of my favourite shots from this session with the beautiful Nicholson family came from Maverick and Astoria sitting down and building a campfire with their grandparents. It was completely their idea and made for the sweetest photo.

Check out all my favourite shots from this session below:

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